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Success Stories

Blugold Pride

A UW-Eau Claire education is a springboard to success. We are very proud of our alumni and the impact they have in their professions and the lives of others. Find out what your fellow Blugolds are doing and share your accomplishments today.

A UW-Eau Claire communication arts graduate, recently toured eight military bases in South Korea with the "Theater of War" project. Full story.

Dustyn Dubuque earned a master of arts degree in history from UW-Eau Claire, has written a new book about Newell Burch, a Civil War veteran who eventually settled in Menomonie. Full story.

A UW-Eau Claire biochemistry/molecular biology graduate and research scientist at the Marshfield Clinic, recently discussed his research with Waupaca community members. Full story.

Eric Herness '85, a UW-Eau Claire management information systems graduate, recently was named an IBM Fellow, an elite technical distinction that fewer than 200 people have received since 1963. Full story.

A UW-Eau Claire biology graduate, has been a wildlife biologist at Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida for the past 30 years. Full story.

A UW-Eau Claire mass communication graduate, has been named marketing manager for Dealer Teamwork. Full story.

Steven Joyal '81, a UW-Eau Claire music graduate, is the new musical director for the Racine Dairy Statesmen, a men's a capella chorus. Full story.

A UW-Eau Claire information systems graduate, has developed Boss Running, a free iPhone app designed to help make exercise fun and accessible. Full story.

Taylor Kollross '16, a UW-Eau Claire health care administration graduate, is the new administrator for Pioneer Health & Rehab in Prairie Farm. Full story.

A UW-Eau Claire business administration graduate, is the head golf pro at Erin Hills, the course where the 2017 U.S. Open Championship was held. Full story.

A UW-Eau Claire journalism graduate, recently returned from a 200-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. Full story.

Leah Pronschinske '16, a UW-Eau Claire management graduate, has launched her own food blog and organic baking business, both named The Affogato. Full story.

Beatris Mendez-Gandica working for Microsoft after graduating from UW-Eau Claire

Blugold Success

Read the latest stories of UW-Eau Claire student, alumni, faculty and staff success .

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