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Shaping the Future

Serving on the UW-Eau Claire Alumni Association’s Board of Directors is a great opportunity to further the development of the university by actively cultivating support and involvement among alumni, students, faculty, staff and the community.

Acting as an advisory body to university staff and the Office of Alumni Relations, the Board of Directors helps with the planning, promotion and coordination of alumni programs and activities.

The board:

  • Interacts with the campus community, Chancellor, and other senior administrators
  • Provides advice on alumni programs and activities
  • Influences the quality of the Alumni Association and UW-Eau Claire
  • Supports the recruitment of talented students

Board application form

Amanda Hill-Hable '07, '16 
Chippewa Falls, WI

Jacob Truby '10
Vice President
Saint Paul, MN

Gary L. Berg '79
Minneapolis, MN

Thomas Holtan '09
Past President

Brookfield, WI

Jane Larson
Alumni Relations Officer
Eau Claire, WI

Melaney Barba ’00, ‘21
Saint Paul, MN

Ryan Cook ’12
Minneapolis, MN

Michael DuPont '10 
Ames, IA

Tammy Dickow '90
Eau Claire, WI

James Ebben '16
San Francisco, CA

Stacie Gollata ’94 
Westminster, CO

Don Gunaratne ’09
Hartsdale, NY

Phillipa Hartley '07
Minnetrista, MN

Brittany Heymans '14
Eau Claire, WI  

Paul Hoesly '91
Waukesha, WI

Allison Johnson '07
Woodbury, MN

Bridget Kinderman ’11
Fall Creek, WI

Doug Olson '84
Eau Claire, WI

Ryan Ring '19
Madison, WI

Corey Sturm '16
Denver, CO

Ashley Sukhu '17
Minneapolis, MN

David Waletzki ’89
Eau Claire, WI

Kelly Warning '00
Eau Claire, WI

Jake Wrasse '16
Eau Claire, WI

Amy Yaeger '97
Black River Falls, WI

Jerry Zell '87
Lakeville, MN

Board membership frequently asked questions:

What is the Alumni Association board of directors?

The Association exists to promote the general welfare and success of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and its alumni.  The Association is committed to furthering the development of the University by actively cultivating engagement, support and involvement among alumni, students, faculty, staff and the community.

What is its role?

The board of directors acts as an advisory body to university staff and, in particular, to the Office of Alumni Relations, which oversees the programs and activities of the Alumni Association. The board also assists with the planning, promotion and conducting of alumni programs and activities.

How many people serve and for how long?

The board consists of a minimum of 18 elected members, the chancellor, the director of alumni relations and three designees of the chancellor (for a total minimum of 28 members). Elected members serve a two-year term. Elected directors may serve no more than three consecutive two-year terms.

After serving three consecutive terms, a person is eligible to be re-elected to the board after six years.

How are board members selected?

The Alumni Association’s nominating committee, made up of current directors, reviews nominations made by alumni and staff and presents a single slate of candidates at the association’s March meeting. Nominations from the floor are also accepted. A vote to elect the candidates is taken and requires a majority vote to pass.

How often and where does the board meet?

The board of directors holds at least four regularly scheduled meetings each year — usually in March, May, October and December. Meetings are typically held on campus and usually last 2 hours. Meetings are held on Friday afternoons. Directors are expected to attend all regularly scheduled meetings.

What is the commitment for board meetings & preparation?

Board members are expected to read materials that are sent prior to each meeting. Such materials include the meeting agenda, committee information, program updates prepared by staff, and other information pertaining to the board meeting. In addition, time is required to travel to and participate in all board meetings. Members are expected to participate in Homecoming weekend and other events as needed. They should also participate in events in their area as their personal time permits.

What is the financial commitment for board meetings?

As a Board member, support the University by contributing annually at a level meaningful to you to its fundraising efforts and participate in the Alumni Association’s fund-raising activities. Board members are asked to pay for their transportation to and from Eau Claire, lodging, and meals. The Office of Alumni Relations pays for tickets to events that are part of the meeting activities.

Am I welcome to bring my spouse/guest to board meetings?

Your spouse or guest is welcome to attend board social functions. Generally, those occasions are luncheons and dinners that are not “working” meals.

How does a board member benefit the Alumni Association?

Members have the opportunity to provide advice on alumni programs and activities, to share their ideas for new initiatives, and to work on the enhancement and development of Alumni Association programming. In addition, members serve as spokespersons for the association and the university in their communities. Board members help shape the future direction of the Alumni Association and influence the quality of the association and UW-Eau Claire. Alumni programming involves alumni in advancement of the university and supports the recruitment of talented students.

How will board service benefit the member?

As leaders of the Alumni Association, board members have opportunities to interact with the campus community; meet with the chancellor and other senior administrators; be identified as association leaders to alumni at Homecoming and other alumni events, as well as through the BluView; and maintain close ties to UW-Eau Claire.

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