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Blugold View Online 2020

UW-Eau Claire online magazine for alumni and friends

Though born of necessity in these COVID-19 times, this online edition of the Blugold View is an excellent new way to stay connected to campus, right in your homes. With a focus on undergraduate research as a cornerstone of a Blugold education, this collection of student, faculty and staff success stories along with important campus updates will help inspire us all to dream big, especially when the times are challenging us in so many ways. The answers are out there, and time and again, Blugolds seek to find them.

A message from UW-Eau Claire Foundation

While the changes to “business as usual” has prevented us from sharing this year’s issue of the Blugold View with you in its traditional magazine format, we’re thrilled to welcome you to an online version of the magazine so you can catch up on the ways that UW-Eau Claire continues to innovate, make big impacts on today’s students, and celebrate the achievements and work of our alumni across the world. 

We hope you’ll take the time to peruse our specially-created online magazine to catch up with your university from wherever you are. Despite the sweeping changes to how UW-Eau Claire and institutions across the world have made to how they operate, I know you’ll share my feelings of warmth and gladness—certainly more delight than surprise—that UW-Eau Claire has continued to work hard to deliver the world-class education with today’s enrolled students. 

Sending best wishes to you and your families, wherever you find yourselves safer at home during this time. 

Kimera Way | President, UW-Eau Claire Foundation

Stepping up to help

Before diving into all the incredible stories of the past year for Blugolds, take a moment to learn about a special UW-Eau Claire Foundation fund established to meet the emergency needs of students financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and pursuant regulations. As always, Blugolds help one another, and there has never been a time like now to demonstrate that. 

Seeking solutions — it's who we are and what we do

UW-Eau Claire students Reed Kostelny (left) and Thomas Adams are part of a research team that found microplastics in earthworms, water and soil in the Boundary Waters.

Answering real-world questions

For more than a half-century, students at UW-Eau Claire have had a passion for digging deeper, for tackling complex problems and finding solutions that make a difference, that solve real problems. They take knowledge out of the classroom.

Research amps up learning
Omid Razmpour and research partner and mentor in nursing lab.

Ready to do his part

Omid Razmpour knew that collaborative research would make him a better nurse, but he likely didn't know it would help him land a pivotal internship and subsequent hire as an ICU nurse at the U of M in Minneapolis.

Huge research payoff
Allison Sontag, social work student researcher

Improving lives as an advocate

The skills and techniques that Allison Sontag learned through doing undergraduate research have continued to help her become an informed and empathetic advocate for patients and caregivers, especially geriatric patients at her St. Paul hospital.

Understanding patients and families
Casey Huxtable

Stem cell technology saving lives

Casey Huxtable, a 2015 microbiology alumnus, gives an update on the advances and continued successes of his team's work to save the lives of babies born with congenital heart defects.

Back in Eau Claire doing lifesaving work
Elizabeth Glogowski working with materials science and engineering student Maryam Al Eid in research lab

NCUR 2023 coming to UWEC

In the spring of 2023, UW-Eau Claire will be a focal point for undergraduate research worldwide when it hosts more than 4,000 students and their faculty mentors for the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Focal point for research

Exciting campus updates

From news and views of campus facilities, to updates on academic programs and changes in key personnel, find out the latest news from UW-Eau Claire.

Blugold profiles: Big impact near and far

Each year there are so many Blugold stories to choose from, and 2019 was no exception. Below are the stories of four unique Blugolds, each with a different way of demonstrating the impact of a UW-Eau Claire education, and what it helps to create in the world — seekers with endless possibility!


Ariel Liu, an international student from China, joined other Blugolds last fall by studying abroad, furthering her understanding of other cultures.

Seeing the world as a Blugold

Ariel Liu's experience as an international student at UW-Eau Claire has been so positive that it piqued her curiosity about people and cultures in other parts of the world, so Liu did what many Blugolds do — she spent a semester studying abroad.

It's a Blugold thing to do
Charles Vue, OMA office portrait

A trusted leader and advisor

Throughout his 26 year campus career, Charles Vue has made it his mission to create a safety net for Southeast Asian students and ensure their success as Blugolds. As the first-ever Hmong graduate of UW-Eau Claire, Vue knows exactly how to help them.

Raising student success rates
Dr. Rosemary Battalio engages with her students during an in-class activity.

Creating next special ed champions

As a Blugold graduate herself, Dr. Rose Battalio knows the value of a UW-Eau Claire education, and after an 18-year public school teaching career, she is thrilled to have the chance to mold the next generation of Blugold educators.

Passing on her passion
Chris Holt, journalism alumnus

A true cross-country run

For journalism graduate and magazine editor Chris Hoelck '86, what began as a way to lose weight soon became a passion that took him to all 50 states. Read about where this path across the U.S. has taken him and what he has learned in the process.

A 50-state journey

Please click through the collection of images below that bring to life some highlights of the last 12 months. These favorites were selected by our brilliant photo experts — Bill Hoepner, Shane Opatz and student photographer Connor Miller.